Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots

What are the best Jackpot slots available in the casinos all over the internet? The list is extremely long, and we won’t be able to cover all the slots. However, we discovered that two games are trendy at the moment and we also know that a separate type of the slots deserves your full attention.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

Mega Moolah JackPot  has been one of the most popular slots of all times. Microgaming develops it, and as such, you can play it in most casinos running on this platform. The game comes with 25 paylines, and the best value is between 0.01 and 0.05. Scatter symbol is a monkey, and if you get 3 of them, you will get 15 free spins. The spins will boost the potential winning by multiplying it three times. Even better, you can get free spins again and again. The wild symbol in the slot is a lion.

One of the main reasons why this game is so favourite is the jackpots you can get. The first one is the smallest, and it is known as Mini Progressive jackpot. You will get ten credits. Minor will give you 100 credits, and Major Progressive comes with 10000 credits. The ultimate jackpot is Mega Progressive Jackpot, and you will get 1 million credits. The game even offers auto-spinning capabilities.

Mega Fortune 

Mega Fortune Jackpot slot game has been with us for an extended period.  NetEnt develops the game, and as such, you can find it in most casinos. The game is based on five reels and offers 25 paylines. The symbols are excellent, in the lack of a more appropriate word so you can see limos, rings, etc. Of course, being a progressive jackpot, this game has big rewards to offer. There are three jackpots, but the amount can’t be generalised due to the fact this is a progressive jackpot (will be explained below). Anyway, you can get the rapid, major or mega jackpot.

The wild symbol is the yacht, and it can replace any other, except bonus and scatter symbols. Wheel of Luck is the only kind of bonus you can get. It is yours when you have three same symbols in a correct form. Just one bonus can is allowed per one spin. Scatter symbol is champagne, and it can help you get free spins when it is present on three reels or more.

Progressive slots

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots look like ordinary slot games, but they are much more. The main difference is in the jackpots they provide. In conventional slots, a casino will determine the jackpot, and it will stay the same regardless of the time and the number of gamblers. A progressive jackpot is linked to the number of players and the bets they make. In other words, more players who bet more equals a much bigger prize. Once awarded to a player, it will reset to zero or a value set by a casino.

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