PB Civil War Play
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Mr. Roemer's Fifth Grade Class, Pinellas Park Elementary, Florida
Civil War Play - By the Polar Bear Fifth Grade
This play was written by the students in groups. Each group took one act. A committee of eight students then compiled the acts, provided continuity, and entered the work into a computer (including HTML) or edited first drafts. About the only advice I gave was: "Keep Working, it isn't good enough!" - Fred Roemer
The Polar Bears retain all rights to this play - we wrote it and you can't have it (without our permission, of course! :)
      Addy: (a slave girl who is sold)
      Harriet Tubman: (Addy's mom)
      Larrison: (slave)
      Mr.Thompson: (slave owner)
      Sarah Thompson: (Mr.Thompson's daughter)
      Master Whip: (mean slave owner)
      George Wilson: (town auctioneer)


Narrator: The setting is on a plantion in Richmond, Virgina where slaves are working in a cotton-field. Addy is a real good slave and many people want her as a slave. Sarah is sad about this because Addy and her are best friends and nobody knows that they are.

Harriet: (sadly) I can't go on. My hands....(collapes).

Mr.Thompson: (walks out) Get back to work (picks up Harriet) You too, missy!

Harriet: (whispers) I can't!

Mr Thompson: (pulls his whip out from a buckle on his belt) What!

Harriet: (stands quickly) Yes sir!

Sarah: (from inside) Father, Mother needs you.

Mr.Thompson: Alright, I'll be right there. (turns to Harriet) You're lucky Tubman... (Walks a few steps then turns around) This time. (walks to house)

Narrator: Sarah sneaks out to the fields to play with Addy.

Sarah: Hi Addy!

Addy: Hi!

Sarah: Want to play?

Addy: I can't, I have work to do.

Sarah: Please, my father is watching.

Addy: Okay, I got you first. (tagging Sarah)

Sarah: No fair.

(Mr.Thompson walks over)

Mr.Thompson: Sarah are you playing with that Addy girl again?

Sarah: No father,I was just telling here to get back to work.

Addy: Yes, Mr. Thompson sir, she was just telling me to get back to work.

Sarah: Yes as I was saying, get back to work.(Giving Addy a wink)

Addy: Yes Ma.

    Scene 2 (Inside house)

Mr.Thompson when is the big day?

Sarah: What big day?

Mr. Thompson: The day when George auctions the slaves off.

Sarah: Oh, I'll find out for you later.

Mr.Thompson: No, now! Go to George's house and ask him.

Sarah: Yes sir,but I have to walk a mile to get this information. Would you please go with me?

Mr.Thompson: What good would that do you?

Sarah: We could use your wagon.

Mr.Thompson: Well, all right. I guess we could. I do need to talk about some other slave business, especially. We could be rich, Addy is a hard working slave and so is her mother. Everyone will pay for a hard working slave. I can see it now, dollar signs adding up.

Sarah: The oatmeal meal is ready and so is the bread. (Turns to father) I'll meet you in the wagon.

Mr. Thompson: OK.

Sarah: (Walks outside to Mr.Thompson) Breakfast.....come and get it before it gets cold get your oatmeal and bread. (Slaves walk over to her)

Larrson: (mumbles to slave next to him) Oatmeal again?!

Sarah: Oatmeal or no meal, but I've got to go! (She sits the tray down)

Addy: I want to know so bad if my mother and I are going to be separated on this auction date.

Mr.Thompson: Larrson get over hear and hook up the cattle!

Larrson: (Whispers to Addy) Addy, hop in the back. The faster you move the sooner you will find out if you are going to get separated from your mom.

Addy: (Whispers back) Ok.

Larrson: Head out.

(Cows start to pull the wagon Addy jumps in the back)

    Scene 3

Narrator: Sarah and everybody else get to the house of George the town auctioner and knocks on the door. George opens the door and invites Sarah and Mr. Thompson to come in.

Mr.Thompson: Hey, George.

George: Hey, buddy. Sarah I didn't even know you were her. Why didn't you say,"hi?"

Sarah: I don't, know I thought you would address lady first, but since you didn't, "hi."

George: (saing to Sarah) Hi. (Turns to Mr. Thompson) Mr.Thompson are going to sell Harriet? (pause and think) I think that is her name. She is a very hard working slave and so is her daughter Addy!

Mr.Thompson: Probably, but I...I...I'm not sure. I know I am going to auction off Addy because I can make a lot of money for a hard working youth slave.

Narrator: Addy is at the door listening to all that is being said.

Mr. Thompson: Addy would be good at making beds, serving people, and other household duties.

George: Okay, then I'll auction her off today.

Sarah: No father, please don't sell Addy!

Narrator: Sarah leaves the house without seeing Addy.

Mr. Thompson: (yelling) We have to sell her! And when did you care for a slave!

Narrator: Addy runs to her mother in tears!

Addy: Mother! Mother! I over heard Master James talking to the town's auctioneer about selling me today. (Addy cries some more)

Harriet: Don't worry Addy, I will not let them sell you. Don't panic. (Harriet comforts Addy) We'd better hurry and hide you before Master James gets back. Addy, wipe those tears away. I will always love you now matter what happens and you will always be in my heart. I will never forget you, okay.

Addy: (not crying any more) Don't worry mommy, I won't forget you either.

    Scene 4

Narrator: Master James knocks on the shack of Harriet and Addy. Addy runs and hides in the closet. Master James barges into thier room.

Mr. Thompson: Where's Addy!

Harriet: I haven't seen her all day, exept for this morning. Why?

(Master James walks over to the closet ignoring Harriet. and flings the door open.)

Mr. Thompson: Aha!! (yanks Addy out of the closet and pulls her to the auction stand) Harriet: Nooo! Please, take me instead!

Mr. Thompson: You be quiet! I want Addy not you! Get back to work!

    Scene 5

(George steps up to the podium)

George: Here, this is a hard youth working slave. We'll start the biding at $250

Buyer 1: $ 275

Buyer 2: $ 355

Buyer 1: $450

Buyer 2: $550

George: Going once....Going twice.... sold to the man with the whip in his hand. (Grabs another slave.) This is a house slave and we will start the bidding at $100.

Buyer 3: $150

Buyer1: $200

Buyer 2: $250

Buyer 1: $350

Buyer 3: $410

George: Going ....going twice.....sold! (Pointing to someone) Now if you will please bring your money you can take home your new slave. (Everyone walks away from the stage and buyer 3 drags his new slave home.)

    Scene 6

Narrator: Harriet runs away from her slave owner Master James and heads North to become a spy for the Union while looking for Addy.

Harriet: I'm so glad I got away from my slave owner, but what am I going to do? I think I'm going to become a member of the Union army. I'll be a spy and on the way I'll look for Addy. But what if I can't find her I will be so lonely. I have to find her.

Narrator: Harriet is now in the Army as a spy and. Harriet is dressed up as an old lady.

Man 1: Master Whip has had a lot of trouble with his slave he got two years ago.

Man 2: I know! That slave has complained about not seeing her mother or her best friend.

Man1: If I had that slave I would teach her a lesson.

Man 2: He does that every time she says a word.

Man 1: Hey where does that Master Whip live again?

Man 2: Maple lane where that one red down barn is.

Harriet: (Whispers) Addy must be there.

Man 2: Why did you want to know where Master Whip lived?

Man 1: I am going to give him a piece of my mind!

(Man 1 and Man 2 leave stage)

    Scene 7

Harriet: Addy where are you.

Addy: Did somebody call me?

Harriet: Addy!

Addy: Mom! (Hugs Harriet)

Harriet: Lets get out of here!

Addy: Where will we go?

Harriet: I don't know, but wherever we go it will be away from here. (Harriet walks off stage with Addy)

Master Whip: (angrily) Where is that Addy girl.

Man 1: I do not know,but a lady walked by us and looked suspicious.

Master Whip: I will send out the guards to look for them. (says to guards) We need to find that little Addy girl, I brought home and bring back that lady too.

(later with Harriet and Addy in the forest)

Harriet: I am so glad to see you again, Addy.

Addy: Me, too!

Harriet: We better be on our way before they come after us.

Addy: Master Whip will send his men after us.

Harriet: Lets Go.

Narrator: Harriet and Addy make it to the North saftely. Harriet and Addy have started their new life after the war.

    Scene 8

Sarah: Dad do you know what happened to Addy?

Mr. Thompson: Yes, Master Whip took her.

Sarah: That mean Master?

Mr.Thompson: Yes, but she will get what she deserves.

Sarah: I will be right back.

Narrator: Sarah runs a mile to Master Whips house.

Sarah: Were is Addy?

Master Whip : What are you talking about?

Sarah: The girl you bought!

Master Whip: Someone took her?

Sarah: Who!?

Master Whip: Someone who acted like her mother.

Sarah: (Whispering) Harriet! They made it back together. Good, but I have to see if they are all right.

Narrator: Sarah runs back home and makes them a gift basket with a letter on the top. Sarah sends it in the mail. A couple of weeks later Addy and Harriet recieve the package and from then on they became pen pals.

(Sing Song and then bow)

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Mr. Roemer's Fifth Grade Class, Pinellas Park Elementary, Florida