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This is a suggested outline for your country report. We will be learning what it all means and how to do it in class.

Official Name: (The official name of the country)

PROFILE OUTLINE (Just the Facts)

    I Geography
      A. Area:
      B. Cities:
      C. Terrain:
      D. Bodies of Water:
      E. Climate:
    II People
      A. Nationality:
      B. Population:
      C. Ethnic groups:
      D. Religions:
      E. Languages:
      F. Education:
      G. Health :
        1. Life expectancy:
        2. Infant mortality rate:
    III Government
      A. Type:
      B. Independence: (date)
      C. Major political parties:
      D. Suffrage:
      E. Principal Government Officials
        1. President (or equivalent title):
        2. Vice President (or equivalent title):
        3. Ambassador to the United States:
        4. Ambassador to the United Nations:
    IV Economy (You may have to change some of the following)
      A. GNP:
      B. Per capita GNP: (Optional)
      C. Natural resources:
      D. Agriculture:
        1. Products:
        2. Industry:
      E. Trade: (You may have to change these to fit your country)
        1. Mining:
        2. Manufacturing:
        3. Tourism:
      F. Imports:
      G. Exports:
    V Currency
      A. Type of Currency:
      B. Relation to US Currency:
    VI Transportation and Communication
      A. Transportation:
        1. Land (include roads)
        2. Air (include airports)
        3. Sea (if the country has ports)
      B. Communication:
        1. Television and Radio
        2. Newspapers
        3. Telephones, etc.

    NARRATIVE OUTLINE (These are suggested topics for the actual report)

      Introduction (Not why you chose this country, but an introduction to the country)
        (Write your narrative here)
        (Write your narrative here)
        (Write your narrative here)
      Government and Political Conditions
        (Write your narrative here)
        (Write your narrative here)
      Private Sector Development and Foreign Investment (optional)
        (Write your narrative here)
        (Write your narrative here)
      Transportation and Communications
        (Write your narrative here)
        (Write your narrative here - Please include your impressions about the country and your opinion on the country's future.)

    OPTIONAL FOR EXTRA CREDIT (See me for help fitting this in)

      (Write your narrative here)
      (Write your narrative here)
      (Write your narrative here)
      Principal U.S. Officials (United States citizens who work with/in your country)
        Deputy Chief of Mission:
        USAID Regional Center Director:
        Public Affairs Officer:
        Peace Corps Director:
        Office of Defense Cooperation:

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