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roemer gets pied! Wed, 07/23/14:
The Polar Bears are a fifth grade class in the Tampa, Florida area. We started off online in 1997. We're on summer vacation now. Mr. Roemer is the mean teacher, but the kids still manage to get by. We are called the Polar Bears because we are very cool! We are a role model class for the school.

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We're proud recipients of the Reading Teacher Magazine's Miss Rumphius Award.

Miss Rumphius AwardThe Miss Rumphius Award is presented by members of the RTEACHER mailing list (listserv), a mailing list of literacy educators run in conjunction with The Reading Teacher, a journal of the International Reading Association. It goes to "teachers who have developed exceptional curricular resources on the Internet and share these with others, making all of our instructional worlds better."

We're also mentioned in the book "Teaching With The Internet," Third Edition, written by Donlad J. Leu and Deborah Diadiun Leu. Click here for more information.

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